Core competencies

TRM Oncology is a strategic medical and marketing communications agency, specializing in the field of Oncology, Hematology and Cancer supportive care. Our competencies and level of expertise are unique to the industry, making us a partner you can rely on. Our multidisciplinary teams are there to work with you, from strategy development and state-of-the-art content development, to flawless execution.

Extensive Oncology Experience

Our skilled staff are all highly experienced, and experts in their fields. They are all certified clinical and scientific professionals (eg, MDs, PhDs, NPs, RNs, PAs), or marketing executives with extensive pharmaceutical industry backgrounds in oncology.

Thorough Market Understanding

With the broad expertise and experience that we have in house, we can be your partner for nearly all the strategic and communication challenges you are facing. Our staff can provide detailed insight into the most recent oncology and hematology research and developments, and give you a larger view of current trends and what the overall market looks like.

Longstanding relationships with scientific leaders

We have built longstanding relationships with many of the key scientific leaders in the global hematology and oncology communities – including leading professional associations, societies and patient advocacy groups.

Access to these scientific leaders can be organized, to help you get the latest insights and opinions on current practices and new developments, which will help you drive your business strategies.

Global Coverage

With office locations in the United States and Europe, we’re able to think global, while acting local. We understand the global dynamics and can apply these to your projects, taking regional demands and compliance issues into consideration, while also reducing costs.

Every member of our team has extensive oncology experience and is highly knowledgeable about compliance, customs and specifics of their region, so you’ll receive a local, specialized service, anywhere in the world.

MultiChannel Communications

The communication environment in Healthcare is rapidly changing from analogue channels only to a broad mix of online and offline channels. Physicians and other Healthcare audiences want to determine what information they want, when they want it, and through which channel.

Defining the right mix of channels in communication is critical to reach your audience. TRM Oncology has extensive experience in multichannel communication solutions and is your partner in selection and development of the right mix to meet your communication objectives.