Multimedia programs

TRM Oncology has extensive experience in multichannel communications solutions and is your partner in selection and development of the right mix for your needs. We offer multiple technology-enabled products and communication tools, to match your communications strategy, and which we can combine flawlessly with the other work we are already doing for you. This includes:

Event apps
Videoconferencing tools
(Online) databases
Mobile apps
Online surveys


Distribute knowledge

When you want to distribute knowledge across the globe without having many people travel, and if you want to allow your audience to educate themselves when they want, and where they want, e-learning is the ideal solution.

Our innovative e-learning courses are built using the latest technologies, and designed to help keep your medical audience as well as your internal teams engaged from start to end. In order to achieve this a mix of animations, interactive questions, video, and voice over are used in the programs we develop to help you get your message across.

You’ll receive well designed effective programs that keep your audience engaged. TRM Oncology has a multidisciplinary team in house, that can develop e-learning programs for you from A-Z. From learning objectives and medical content to technical development.

Event apps

Increase interaction using event apps

By using state of the art event-app capabilities, you can increase interactivity during your symposia and forums. Determine who your core audience is and what they think of the content you’re presenting. Participants can ask questions to the faculty, who will be able to respond to the polling results immediately. Your participants will feel more involved, resulting in more succesful events!

TRM Oncology will help you incorporate this innovative approach into your events, and increase the level of success.

Virtual meetings

Engage with your top-tier advisors using videoconferencing tools

Sometimes it’s simply not possible to get everyone in a boardroom together. Ensure you have your top-tier experts in the meeting by using our Virtual Meeting technology. You can reach your audience in the way that fits best to your goals, and we’ll provide you with the right technology, ranging from web conferencing to multi-location high quality live broadcasts.


(live) Webcasts

Webcasts are live broadcasts and/or recordings of events that are streamed on the internet, usually a combination of video and slides. This way you can also reach the audience that is not present at the event.

During the live broadcasts you are able to increase interactivity and engagement by allowing visitors to ask questions or to answer polls. Also we can support you with creating registration pages and sending confirmation and reminder-mails.

By publishing a recorded version of your event online, you have the ability to increase the reach of your message, until months after the event. TRM Oncology has the technology and knowledge in house to create a professional, easy to navigate experience for your audience.


Multi-Platform, responsive focus

Being present on the web helps you to drive online conversations with your audience and distribute information quickly. Physicians want to be able to access information when they want, where they want, and through their preferred channels.

Based on your communication objectives TRM Oncology has the capabilities in house to develop the right online solution for you. Because we understand the Oncology market, we can ensure an optimal user experience for your audience.


Online databases

Online databases can help to centralize important information in 1 place. This will provide easy access to up to date information among colleagues in companies or organizations.

TRM Oncology has the capabilities in house to develop the right online solution for you, such as:

  • Association databases
  • Speaker Management databases
  • Databases tailored to your needs

Keep your most sensitive files and information in a safe and secure online database, created just for your business objective.


Well-designed games have the potential to create dynamic, rich and deeply enjoyable experiences that can foster innovation, education, reinforce positive behavior and increase engagement. TRM Oncology can help you develop and execute educational games, tailored to your needs.

Other technologies

Email Marketing

Effective e-mail marketing can boost your business substantially. We can help find the right e-mail strategy for your company.

Online Surveys

If you could ask your clients what they think about your product or messaging, what would they say? Find out with our custom-built surveys.


Keep your clients one touch away from valuable information with custom apps for smartphones and other devices.