Stakeholder Engagement

TRM offers numerous innovative, creative and effective programs in order to reach your ultimate goal: Continuous Engagement with your Key Stakeholders. Our highly experienced, global project teams will advise you and lead you from project kick-off to excellent project execution in order to offer you a tailored program that exceeds your expectations.

Some examples of the stakeholder engagement programs we can support are:
Satellite Symposia
Advisory boards
Speaker Training
Rising Star programs
Academy Programs

Our Programs

Satellite Symposia

Connecting a broad audience to a faculty of global scientific leaders to share and increase knowledge is the ultimate goal of satellite symposia. TRM Oncology has extensive experience in organization of conferences and satellite symposia for our clients.

Using state-of-the-art multichannel tools, we will ensure that “your” satellite symposium stands out from the rest, and engages your “live” audience. In addition, we can stream your event all over the globe and ensure you reach your global target audience.

Live and virtual Advisory Boards

To understand the scientific landscape, today and tomorrow, it is critical to get the continuous input of the most experienced relevant oncology and hematology professionals from multiple fields and disciplines. Advisory boards are a solution to achieve this. TRM Oncology has the ability to partner with you on all aspects of advisory boards.

In addition to the face to face meetings, TRM Oncology can support you with virtual advisory boards, ensuring that you will get input from your top-tier scientific leaders, even if they cannot join the face to face meeting.

Taking it one step further we can also tailor long term multichannel engagement plans for you, that will guarantee a continuous engagement with the key scientific leaders and which provides an ongoing flow of input and feedback to tailor your strategy.

Speaker Training

The TRM Oncology Speaker Training is an excellent 2-day training program in which we take any key scientific leader on a journey to develop their skills on “how” to present “what” and “when” to do so. Our outstanding training consultants will develop a tailored program that empowers and inspires. This program ensures that (global) key scientific leaders are developed into renowned speakers, who are well prepared when it’s time to take the podium.

Other programs

Several other TRM Oncology programs offer state-of-the-art interactive educational forums for medical specialists and employees in pharmaceutical industry.

Master Classes
Rising Star Programs
Academy programs