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CIA reports for a stronger network

Access to a vast knowledge base from specifically resourced community oncologists

One of TRM Oncology’s most powerful primary business intelligence solutions is our Community Insights Accelerated (CIA) reports, which give clients the ability to rapidly tap into our network’s nationwide knowledge base. This proprietary web-based survey platform for time-sensitive market research is aimed at US community oncologists. Each survey is customized to client needs for physician attributes. Clients purchase a “bank” of responses from community physicians, then responses are summarized in a strategic report.

Community Survey Insights Report

With CIA survey reports, you can deliver short, succinct inquiries directly to physicians selected by experience, geography, or demographics. Your survey will receive immediate feedback from some of the most important practicing physicians in your market. Most results are delivered within 3 days of survey launch. Sample sizes are flexible and customizable; we can set the survey power and price point that works best for your business intelligence needs. As a subscription solution, CIA survey reports can be sent out either tactically—as needed when there’s breaking news or a specific query you need answered—or strategically as part of a larger initiative. All our in-depth analyses and insight-rich reports help our clients better predict how and why clinical decisions are made and turn those insights into drivers for commercial and clinical success.

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Oncology Insights Services

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CIA Reports
On-demand market research from practicing community physicians

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