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TRM Oncology’s primary business intelligence solutions include our proprietary, patient case-driven Community Survey Insights (CSI) reports, for insights sourced from our members’ real-world, hands-on, clinical expertise. The program features a 45-minute to 1-hour video or slide presentation with audience response questions presented to community physicians online. The video is presented by a nationally renowned KOL. The participating 40–400 community oncologists share insights into physician strategies and treatment decision-making. After 30 days, deliverables include both a summary report to physician participants, which contains review of responses, and editorial comments from the presenting KOL, and a summary report to the client, which includes additional proprietary client SWOT analysis.

Community Survey Insights Report

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Oncology Insights Services

EPIC Reports
State-of-the-art strategic reports derived from closed-door expert roundtables

EPIC Conference Coverage Report
Provides an immediate understanding of newly presented data via closed door expert roundtables

CASES Reports
Provides insights into regionally specific treatment patterns from community oncologists

CIA Reports
On-demand market research from practicing community physicians

CSI Reports
Strategic report designed to quickly measure and reveal practice patterns

OncoBoard Online Communities
Collaborative tool to create, send, and manage insight questions with experts

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