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The right mix of communication channels to engage your key stakeholders

Digital marketing solutions from your omnichannel medical communications experts

Our digital and virtual solutions are about more than leveraging new and innovative communications technology. They’re about using that technology to effectively deliver the right insights to the right audience – and about the experience that those technologies can create for different stakeholder groups.

Digital and virtual solutions play an important role in amplifying the reach and impact of critical insights. For the right programs and stakeholders, our strategic solutions convert standard data dissemination approaches, and scientific and clinical exchanges from live events into digital and virtual experiences. These experiences help adapt communications to physicians’ competing priorities and schedules, and increase the overall value of relevant content by sharing it across the right platforms.

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Digital & Virtual Services

On-demand education activities designed to engage learners

Virtual meetings
Online group meetings with powerful interactive capabilities

Digital congress solutions
State-of-the-art event technology that delivers audience engagement, data, and insights

Mobile apps
Custom apps to enhance user needs, interactions, and various other digital services

Online Surveys
Digital question and answer tools to capture stakeholder opinions

E-mail marketing programs
Highly effective email marketing strategy and tactics to engage your target audience

Social media campaigns
Create branded connections that change behavior, provide value and influence perceptions

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Real-world examples of how our strategic services lead to high-impact successes

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