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EPIC reports provide unique insights

Expert landscape analysis and data-driven strategies to advance patient care

Emerging Paradigms in Care (EPIC) reports are another unique function of TRM Oncology, as part of our Oncology Insights services. Oncology Insights is a series of TRM-sponsored roundtables that are designed to provide insight from top international thought leaders in a variety of tumor types/pathways. EPIC reports are derived from a series of closed-door expert roundtables designed to understand the current marketplace and how emerging research will affect therapeutic decision-making, ongoing clinical trials, the development of new compounds, and future treatment paradigms. This is a 2-day clinical deep dive with 10–12 key opinion leaders—resulting in a strategic overview—covering the current and future clinical landscape, drug development and management of patients, future directions, as well as strategic insights for your product.

Emerging Paradigms in Care

EPIC events can provide your team with updates on the current and future treatment landscape, drug development and management of patients, as well as expert-led insights, objectives, and directives. Agendas promote scientific interchange and discussion. The reports from these events can provide your team with strategic insights that are free from commercial bias. Each program is a TRM-sponsored event with NO outside funding. Output is available for purchase.

Available output can include a “state-of-the-art” report, an executive summary with a written recap of meeting highlights and fully customized and strategic analysis of key takeaways and recommendations. Also, our digital capabilities can pull audio/video resources from the program, for instance, faculty surveys prior to or during the program, and participants can ask presenter questions through iPads as a means of silent, but active, engagement.

We support a broad variety of oncology and hematology topics:

  • Breast cancer
  • Genitourinary malignancies
  • Head & neck cancer (SCCHN)
  • Leukemia
  • Lung cancer
  • Lymphoma
  • Melanoma
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Gastrointestinal cancer (CRC, gastric, pancreatic, HCC)

We work with the best experts in the field including:

  • Dr Enriqueta Felip
  • Dr Corey Langer
  • Dr Daniel P. Petrylak
  • Dr Martin S. Tallman
  • Dr Rafael Fonseca
  • Dr Mohammad Jahanzeb
  • Dr Walter J. Curran, Jr
  • Dr Howard Hochster
  • Dr Axel Grothey

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Oncology Insights Services

EPIC Reports
State-of-the-art strategic reports derived from closed-door expert roundtables

EPIC Conference Coverage Report
Provides an immediate understanding of newly presented data via closed door expert roundtables

CASES Reports
Provides insights into regionally specific treatment patterns from community oncologists

CIA Reports
On-demand market research from practicing community physicians

CSI Reports
Strategic report designed to quickly measure and reveal practice patterns

OncoBoard Online Communities
Collaborative tool to create, send, and manage insight questions with experts

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