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Our Hematology & Oncology Learning Institute provides training expertise in basic science, diagnosis, and treatment

Instructive insights and prodigious guidance from leading medical experts

HOLI (Hematology & Oncology Learning Institute) meetings, similar to preceptorship programs, are meetings organized by TRM Oncology in cooperation with key centers of excellence. These meetings, primarily designed for pharmaceutical science staff, are typically held on location at an oncology learning center and last 3–5 days. Appointed meeting chairs, as well as a full faculty of medical experts, guide attendees through specific disease areas in oncology or hematology, including a perspective of treatment and treatment possibilities.

Hematology Oncology Learning Institute

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Stakeholder Engagement Services

Satellite Symposia
Industry-sponsored live education adjacent to major oncology conferences

Advisory Boards
Live or virtual meetings designed to gain insights from stakeholders

Steering Committee Meeting
Ongoing expert meetings to validate strategies, tactics, and inform core communications

Speaker Training
Prepares speakers to compliantly present approved promotional materials

Master Classes
In-depth training classes in specific hematology or oncology topics

Rising Star Programs
In-depth training for up-and-coming experts to further expand their disease area knowledge

Preceptorship Programs
Hands-on education on the standards of care at centers of excellence

HOLI Meetings
In-depth training for internal staff organized in cooperation with key centers of excellence

KOL Interviews
Designed to obtain individualized in-depth HCP insights on key questions

Approved promotional presentations to a guaranteed audience of practicing community oncologists

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