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We assist in the full development and management of publications

At TRM Oncology, the development of publications (manuscripts, abstracts, posters, oral presentations) includes medical/scientific writing and editorial support, as well as a wide range of publication management activities.

Our staff and experts can help you by providing top medical writing and editing services. Our dedicated team fully understands every aspect of the publishing process, as well as the complete product life cycle. To best implement your plan, we customize it to your specific needs and goals—depending on the stage of development your product or compound is in and whether your scope is global, regional, or local—then execute accordingly, using the most “effective project and process management tools to support an efficient and successful publication plan.”

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TRM Publication Services

Consultancy In GPP And Related Guidance
Educational materials on best industry practices in publication planning

Publications GAP and Competitor Literature Analyses
Competitor publications assessment and strategic and tactical recommendations

Publication Plan Strategy and Tactics
Communication objectives, key scientific statements, and tactics to maximize data dissemination

Publication Plan Implementation
Medical and scientific writing, editing, and managing support

Publication Plan Management
Monitoring and optimizing of publication metrics and milestone achievements

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