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TRM Oncology provides expert-driven, highly strategic pharmaceutical publication planning as part of our publication services. We effectively and expediently review the monitoring, optimizing, and tracking of publication metrics and milestone achievement, which includes updates to the publication plan, publication steering committee meetings, and any additional requests not related to a single publication but regarding the overall publication plan.

Publication plan management is essential for the appropriate dissemination of scientific and clinical data to the right audiences through the right channels. Our omnichannel approach to publication planning helps you reach your specific goals toward successful results. We combine a deep understanding of science with a focused passion for strategic marketing. We work hard and smart to provide excellent publication services that ultimately influence healthcare professionals, spur medical innovations, and improve patient outcomes.

At TRM Oncology, you can trust our team of seasoned, specialized publication experts to engage authors and stakeholders professionally, write and edit exceptionally, and communicate effectively. When it comes to your specific publication plan, we offer outstanding, ongoing project management and high-impact deliverables according to the highest standards of integrity and excellence. We work to exceed goals and expectations in every area of publication planning, meeting deadlines, staying ethically compliant, and achieving high success rates.

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TRM Publication Services

Consultancy In GPP And Related Guidance
Educational materials on best industry practices in publication planning

Publications GAP and Competitor Literature Analyses
Competitor publications assessment and strategic and tactical recommendations

Publication Plan Strategy and Tactics
Communication objectives, key scientific statements, and tactics to maximize data dissemination

Publication Plan Implementation
Medical and scientific writing, editing, and managing support

Publication Plan Management
Monitoring and optimizing of publication metrics and milestone achievements

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