Publication Plan Strategy and Tactics

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A pharmaceutical publication planning strategy to optimize outcomes

Resulting in critical insights from evidence-based communications to key audiences

The development of publication plan strategy and tactics is a critical component of pharmaceutical publication planning. TRM Oncology is proud to offer this service as a part of our commitment to publication excellence. Highly successful publications are ultimately due to various factors. Our team of medical communications experts can help you solidify your communication objectives, key scientific statements, and key audiences, as well as form associated tactics, including where to publish, activities, timing, and venues.

An effective publication plan necessitates a strong publication strategy to maximize data dissemination and address educational needs through consistent and evidence-based communication. At TRM Oncology, our omnichannel approach effectively supports strategic efforts across all of the many services we offer. Our team of medical and writing specialists provide well researched, written, and accepted articles in both the traditional congress and journal publications, as well as non-traditional multimedia outlets, to reach target audiences on global, regional, and local levels. With our unique approach, we can discover, develop, and deliver innovative strategies and tactics that lead to success.

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TRM Publication Services

Consultancy In GPP And Related Guidance
Educational materials on best industry practices in publication planning

Publications GAP and Competitor Literature Analyses
Competitor publications assessment and strategic and tactical recommendations

Publication Plan Strategy and Tactics
Communication objectives, key scientific statements, and tactics to maximize data dissemination

Publication Plan Implementation
Medical and scientific writing, editing, and managing support

Publication Plan Management
Monitoring and optimizing of publication metrics and milestone achievements

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