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Customized virtual experiences, including video conferencing and webcasts

We offer dynamic, interactive communications solutions for pharmaceutical companies worldwide

TRM Oncology can develop, personalize, and execute various types of virtual meetings, with advanced high-tech capabilities to add interactive components.


Live broadcast of events, usually accompanied by interactive components, eg, polling and questionnaires.


Presentation of existing materials to a target audience in a way that ensures high engagement. The term “webinar” is a portmanteau of web and seminar, meaning a presentation, lecture, or workshop that is transmitted over the web.


TRM can facilitate and manage a number of smaller virtual conferences, with a high level of interaction. Video conferences are typically small-group based virtual meetings, with 7 to 8 people.

Virtual Advisory Board Meetings:

TRM facilitates all components of an advisory board meeting in a virtual setting, from setting up the laptops through interactive sessions to after-event polling to ensure the highest quality possible and success for the client. Stakeholders will have much better availability for just a few hours in a day rather than having to travel for nearly 2 days to attend a live meeting. Up to 15 people can share a video conferencing room and discuss the latest advancements in a given therapeutic area.

Advisory board meetings without all the travel! Sometimes it’s simply not possible to get everyone in a boardroom together. Ensure you have your top-tier experts in the meeting by using our virtual meeting technology. You can reach your audience in the way that best fits your goals, and we’ll provide you with the right technology, ranging from web conferencing to multilocation, high-quality live broadcasts.

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Digital & Virtual Services

On-demand education activities designed to engage learners

Virtual meetings
Online group meetings with powerful interactive capabilities

Digital congress solutions
State-of-the-art event technology that delivers audience engagement, data, and insights

Mobile apps
Custom apps to enhance user needs, interactions, and various other digital services

Online Surveys
Digital question and answer tools to capture stakeholder opinions

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Highly effective email marketing strategy and tactics to engage your target audience

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Create branded connections that change behavior, provide value and influence perceptions

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