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At TRM Oncology, we understand the value of instant mobile access to essential information. Medical practitioners have extremely busy schedules, often moving from one patient to another, and from one meeting to the next, often in different locations. The ability to access important data on mobile devices, such as a phone or tablet, is now a necessary requirement of the healthcare profession. As part of our digital & virtual services, we offer mobile medical application development solutions to fit any customer need, ranging from simple one-directional information sharing to complex social media platform integrations, for an industry on the move.

Our team of strategic experts can help suit your customer needs to the right programs, target messaging insights and cross-functional tools. Our medical app developers can create tailored technology that connects your specific messages to your specific audience using the best in user experience design and execution. As your omnichannel medical communications agency, we are particularly ready to help you incorporate our innovative approach into your events, and increase the level of success.

By using state-of-the-art event-app capabilities, you can increase interactivity during your symposia and forums, as well as determine who your core audience is and what they think of the content you are presenting. As part of the user experience, participants can ask questions to the faculty, who will be able to respond to the polling results immediately. As a result, your participants will feel more involved, resulting in more successful events.

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Digital & Virtual Services

On-demand education activities designed to engage learners

Virtual meetings
Online group meetings with powerful interactive capabilities

Digital congress solutions
State-of-the-art event technology that delivers audience engagement, data, and insights

Mobile apps
Custom apps to enhance user needs, interactions, and various other digital services

Online Surveys
Digital question and answer tools to capture stakeholder opinions

E-mail marketing programs
Highly effective email marketing strategy and tactics to engage your target audience

Social media campaigns
Create branded connections that change behavior, provide value and influence perceptions


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