3 Visual Strategies Used to Communicate Value in Pharma Marketing

The ability to visualize complex scientific concepts or to communicate a specific branding message using design should not be underestimated. In fact, studies show that most people demonstrate a higher aptitude for visual learning. Use of imagery and color helps facilitate learning because it makes the information more memorable and impactful. Using visual strategies in […]

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marketing story TRM Oncology

Crafting a Coherent Marketing Story

A great approach to developing your marketing message is to tell a purposeful and coherent story. In other words, think of content marketing through the lens of storytelling. In order to craft a compelling marketing story, you first need to understand your audience.

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HCP segmentation TRM Oncology

Trends in HCP Segmentation and Targeting

Over the years, healthcare providers (HCPs) have changed and expanded the ways in which they communicate. How the pharma industry practices HCP segmentation should now reflect a more value-based approach. This means segmentation should be based not only on how valuable HCPs are to the pharma company (a traditional approach), but also by how the […]

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Recruit KOLs online TRM Oncology

How to Recruit KOLs Through Online Channels

With the shifting digital landscape, pharma companies are now using strategies to engage key opinion leaders (KOLs) using online techniques. So why don’t we recruit KOLs through online channels as well? This post will discuss the struggles of approaching emerging KOLs and ways to identify and engage KOLs online. One of the best practices is […]

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