HCP segmentation TRM Oncology

Trends in HCP Segmentation and Targeting

Over the years, healthcare providers (HCPs) have changed and expanded the ways in which they communicate. How the pharma industry practices HCP segmentation should now reflect a more value-based approach. This means segmentation should be based not only on how valuable HCPs are to the pharma company (a traditional approach), but also by how the […]

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pharma marketing practices

How to Sustain Innovation in Pharma Marketing Practices

The pharma industry depends on innovative practices, but the ability to sustain innovation has always been a challenge—this is true for different aspects of the industry from development to marketing. Innovation in pharma can result in both failure and success. While this risk is a byproduct of innovation, it is also one of the reasons […]

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Recruit KOLs online TRM Oncology

How to Recruit KOLs Through Online Channels

With the shifting digital landscape, pharma companies are now using strategies to engage key opinion leaders (KOLs) using online techniques. So why don’t we recruit KOLs through online channels as well? This post will discuss the struggles of approaching emerging KOLs and ways to identify and engage KOLs online. One of the best practices is […]

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