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What Will the Healthcare Landscape Look Like in the Year 2020?

Many coming changes to the health landscape will disrupt conventional approaches to marketing and affect the future of health care. Who decides the value of certain pharma products? What does an aging population or sedentary lifestyle mean for healthcare costs in 2020? How will the trend of self-medicating patients influence the pharma industry?

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reshape pharma marketing

7 Trends to Reshape How Pharma Markets and Sells Products

This post discusses 7 projected trends that will reshape how pharma companies market and sell their products and services. These trends focus on shifts in socioeconomic factors that will have significant impact on the entire pharmaceutical industry. While traditional pharma marketing practices have relied on more aggressive tactics, these trends predict a diversification in the […]

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3 Visual Strategies Used to Communicate Value in Pharma Marketing

The ability to visualize complex scientific concepts or to communicate a specific branding message using design should not be underestimated. In fact, studies show that most people demonstrate a higher aptitude for visual learning. Use of imagery and color helps facilitate learning because it makes the information more memorable and impactful. Using visual strategies in […]

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5 Big Reasons to Use a Boutique Agency

There are many reasons that a boutique agency can benefit your company. Perhaps the most important consideration: if you require a team that really understands your specialist compound, a boutique agency is the way to go. Reliable service, access to the team, flexibility, subject matter expertise, and efficiency are some of the main benefits you’ll […]

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marketing story TRM Oncology

Crafting a Coherent Marketing Story

A great approach to developing your marketing message is to tell a purposeful and coherent story. In other words, think of content marketing through the lens of storytelling. In order to craft a compelling marketing story, you first need to understand your audience.

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HCP segmentation TRM Oncology

Trends in HCP Segmentation and Targeting

Over the years, healthcare providers (HCPs) have changed and expanded the ways in which they communicate. How the pharma industry practices HCP segmentation should now reflect a more value-based approach. This means segmentation should be based not only on how valuable HCPs are to the pharma company (a traditional approach), but also by how the […]

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