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Speaker training to prepare experts to compliantly present approved materials

Expert-led training programs can increase vital presentation skills and make experts comfortable to cascade information to large audiences

Our 2-day speaker training programs empower and sharpen the presentation skills of key stakeholders. These educational meetings are chaired by KOLs in the fields of oncology and hematology. We train attendees to give presentations for a global audience, specifically geared toward the development and commercialization of a scientific compound. Our training consultants are expert communicators whose impressive, tailor-purposed programs inspire personal growth and sharpen the pivotal skills necessary for influential public speaking.

Early engagement and continuous management of stakeholders is key to unfolding market access solutions, establishing your product’s local value, and developing your global branding strategy. By the end of the program, leaders in thought will become leaders in action – ready to extend their influence to a broader audience.

At TRM Oncology, our inherent goal as a strategic medical communications agency is to produce highly effective speaker trainings that hone critical communication skills for global change-makers.

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Stakeholder Engagement Services

Satellite Symposia
Industry-sponsored live education adjacent to major oncology conferences

Advisory Boards
Live or virtual meetings designed to gain insights from stakeholders

Steering Committee Meeting
Ongoing expert meetings to validate strategies, tactics, and inform core communications

Speaker Training
Prepares speakers to compliantly present approved promotional materials

Master Classes
In-depth training classes in specific hematology or oncology topics

Rising Star Programs
In-depth training for up-and-coming experts to further expand their disease area knowledge

Preceptorship Programs
Hands-on education on the standards of care at centers of excellence

HOLI Meetings
In-depth training for internal staff organized in cooperation with key centers of excellence

KOL Interviews
Designed to obtain individualized in-depth HCP insights on key questions

Approved promotional presentations to a guaranteed audience of practicing community oncologists

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Real-world examples of how our strategic services lead to high-impact successes

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