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KOL Management

Setting a New Standard for Stakeholder Engagement and Education

We developed a strategic and tactical engagement plan for a global top-10 pharma company preparing to launch a first-in-class product. Through in-depth mapping, profiling, and segmenting, we established who the experts were, and how and when to engage them. TRM Oncology’s plan outlined key opportunities to connect with global experts and regional physicians for mutually beneficial outcomes. A multifaceted educational curriculum improved disease and product awareness on a global and regional scale.

The online platform we built facilitated continuous engagement activities and supported education. Our management strategies increased stakeholder engagement and network expansion.

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Medical Affairs Plan

Improved Communications and Engagement Through an Enhanced Strategic Medical Affairs Plan

We developed an overarching medical affairs strategy for a small, pre-revenue biotech company that was rapidly moving into phase III clinical development with a novel therapy. The plan included peer-to-peer engagement and a scientific communications plan. Through TRM Oncology’s medical affairs plan, the client’s congress presence improved dramatically, their key expert network grew by 75%, and data dissemination of their publications improved by over 80%.

This strategic medical affairs plan dramatically improved the client’s presence in the market space, as well as expert engagement and compliant data dissemination.

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 Publication Services

Drastically Improved Data Dissemination Through Strategic Publications Support

We developed a publications strategy for a pre-revenue biotech company. This solid, executable plan included refinement and implementation of publication tactics, ensuring compliance with industry best practices in publications planning. Through TRM Oncology’s training curriculum and our tailor-made procedures for publications plan execution, the client’s congress data dissemination increased by 8-fold and the number of published manuscripts improved by 3-fold.

Our strategic publications plan ensured a competitive vision and addressed educational needs through tactical recommendations, to bridge all identified gaps, as well as supporting the execution of relevant publications content and management.

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Oncology Insights

Understanding the Market Landscape Through Strategic Oncology Insight Reports

We developed a series of independent oncology insight reports for a top-10 global player in the pharma market for oncology medicine. Preparing to launch a new product into a crowded marketplace for a disease state that was new to the organization, they first needed to understand the marketplace. Our reports highlighted how emerging research would affect therapeutic decision-making, ongoing clinical trials, development of new compounds, and future treatment paradigms. In addition, TRM Oncology provided an actionable plan for mutually beneficial engagement opportunities, expanding their network and engagements with key experts by 80%.

The client applied our stakeholder management strategies to expand their network, identify whom to engage with and how, and provide broad education to relevant stakeholder groups.

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Digital Learning

Improved Stakeholder Knowledge Via Digital Learning Solutions

We created a reliable learning platform for a global top-10 pharmaceutical company conducting clinical trials for 2 investigational agents with unique adverse event (AE) profiles. The client needed a strategic partner to assist them in developing a multichannel learning management plan, including a variety of platforms to support the investigators’ ability to effectively recognize, evaluate, and manage AEs. By leveraging TRM Oncology’s learning management plan, educational needs were met with consistent, high-quality information that is accessible in multiple languages.

With our curriculum self-service platform and app, as well as digital learning solutions and progress tracking, the client was able to dramatically increase the quality and consistency of investigator education.

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